Ken Ikeda - Tzuki [Moon]

CD - 12 tracks - 48 minutes

"This work has as its purpose taking samples from old movies and, by erecting a memorial for the blanks between frames, communicating with the god of images and attracting that holy being. I will be happy if, by saying a mass for our ancestors, I can reconstruct the time of darkness and the energy of the universe and so reach the far ends of the space between frames. Honouring the place our outer eyes cannot see is most necessary for our present-day materialistic society and for our virtual value standards."

Having been recently featured in the Hayward Gallery's "Sonic Boom" exhibition for his collaboration with the Japanese video artist Mariko Mori, tzuki [Moon] is Ken Ikeda's first CD release in his own right... hypnotic sound-fields strangely reminiscent of early Durrutti Column.

Track Listing:

1. Manifest Destiny
2. Evolution
3. Yawarakai Hada
4. tzuki [Moon]
5. In Between Frames
6. Infinitely Gray
7. Borderland
8. 444
9. Looking for the Moon
10. Hydantol
11. Flicker
12. Motion Pictures

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Ken Ikeda - Tzuki [Moon]

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