Soliman Gamil - A Map of Egypt Before the Sands


CD - 19 Tracks - 56:20

Soliman Gamil is a musicologist and composer who lived and worked in Cairo, Egypt. Born in 1924, his soundtracks for theatre and film have won international awards. His compositions are frequently used for radio and television. Soliman Gamil died in 1995. The Catalogue wrote in 1988: "Instead of trying to create an atmosphere, this record reflects one. From the opening seconds of Melody of Nile, you are there - lying in the sand, lips sore, throat parched, staring at the huge river. Quite why this record works when so may other atmospheric records just irritate, I do not know. There are no traditional synth sounds or strange electronic wave noises, just really interesting sounds, alien tunes. The Egyptian Music is wonderfully refreshing." The Observer noted: "Gamil mixes past and present into a remarkable organic whole."

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Soliman Gamil - A Map of Egypt Before the Sands

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Track 8:  Sufi Dialogue

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