Material of Movement and Thought

Reflections on the Dancer’s Practice and Corporeality - Essays by Cecilia Roos, Anna Petronella Foultier, Chrysa Parkinson, Katarina Elam, Cecilia Sjöholm and Iréne Hultman.

Edited by Anna Petronella Foultier and Cecilia Roos.

Stockholm, February 2014. 192 pp. English text. Offset printed. Thread-bound. Size 123 x 195 mm. ISBN 978 91 87066 42 4. Firework Edition No. 123.

The articles in this volume have grown out of a research project on the dancer and the creative process, gathering both professional dancers and theoreticians. A number of issues are explored: How does the dancer work in the process where the dance takes shape? How does the understanding of a movement material shift through the performing of it? What is it to experience a movement from the perspective of the spectator? Through what concepts are we to think the dancer’s practice and corporeality?

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Material of Movement and Thought

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