The Art of Worms

Announcing TBW#01, “The Art of Worms”, the first publication from The Bookworm.

“Parasitic Infestation”, an essay by Ken Hollings.
Illustrations from the first 25 Tapeworm tapes,
including works by SavX, Derek Jarman and Leif Elggren.

Cover illustration: Savage Pencil.

66pp, 110mm x 117mm, soft cover, thread bound booklet – no ISBN.
Edition of 250 copies only.

Printed on Munken Print stock.
Typeset in Aldine 401, Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk and Miso.

The Tapeworm launches its new publishing venture, The Bookworm, with a tidy compendium of its coverart, alongside an especially commissioned essay by writer Ken Hollings, the author of the books Destroy All Monsters (Marion Boyars) and Welcome to Mars (Strange Attractor Press). Ken’s work has appeared in a wide range of journals, reviews and anthologies. He has written and presented critically acclaimed programmes for BBC Radio 3, Radio 4, NPS in Holland, ABC Australia and Resonance FM and has given talks and lectures at the Royal Institution, the British Library, the ICA, Central St Martins, the École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels and the Berlin Akademie der Künste.

Future Bookworm books are currently being penned by writer/poet Leslie Winer, and graphic designer Chris Bigg (4AD, David Sylvian).

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The Art of Worms

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