The London Snorkelling Team - Audio Recording And Map

Chris Branch (farfisa organ, moog synthesiser)
Tom Haines (drums, percussion)
Ross Hughes (baby bass, clarinet, tenor sax, cavaquinho)
Pascal Wyse (trombone and voice)
Tom and Mark Perrett (live over head projector animation)

The London Snorkelling Team play music they imagine may have been played in the 1950s, perhaps at a cocktail party for experimental scientists with a fascination for cartoons. The composition of the music involves the creation of an imaginary town in which this music plays an important part of local life. Ground breaking research by the band has resulted in a method of putting music, live, through a working time-machine, controlling the resulting sound via felt-tip pens and light.

"Hot off the press comes this debut physical release for the collective known as the London Snorkelling Team. Quite apart from the fact that this really is an immaculately presented work that comes complete with an oversized cardboard cover and a delightfully quirky illustrated map (nope, they really weren’t lying about the map bit in the title!), we’re also treated to one of the most delightfully potty selections of music I’ve heard for some time. Well known for their live performances featuring trombonists and tap dancers (both of which feature here) this CD captures their unique blend of cocktail, jazz, lounge, TV music and eclectic electronic elements. From a mad waltz through to spooky detective music and on through Latin and low-key jazz styles via some super outright funkiness this is absolutely something that fans of Ghost Box or Trunk are going to adore. There’s something similarly and quintessentially ‘British’ about this music and it brings back memories of childhood, public service films and flared trousers…" (Smallfish)

"The London Snorkelling Team is a seriously quirky musical quartet, joined here by two animators and two comic cults … hilarious." (Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard)

"Each contribution has its merits, but when music, image and comedy fuse, it becomes priceless … The results are as brilliant as they are hilarious." (Maddy Costa, Guardian)

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The London Snorkelling Team - Audio Recording And Map

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Track 11:  I'm a little mouse

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