Eleh - Location Momentum


5 tracks - 60 mins 28 secs

Track listing:

1. HeleneleH
2. Linear to Circular/Vertical Axis
3. Circle One: Summer Transcience
4. Observation Wheel
5. Rotational Change for Windmill

Eleh has been an enigma since the first record under that name was released in 2006. In numbered editions with letterpressed sleeves, usually on Important Records from the U.S.A., these vinyl-only releases were evidently a labour of love and attention. Further recordings have been released on the labels Taiga and Touch, making 11 vinyl editions in all.

Eleh began as long ago as 1999 as an exploration of analog synthesis, emphasising low frequency oscillation and resonant acoustic phenomenae. Eleh highlights the physical presence of sound as it has been inspired by the physical world. There is also something ‘cathedral-like’ and cosmos-inducing in the sound built.

Following the recent 12” release, “Observations and Momentum”, Eleh has chosen to release the first digital recordings on Touch – 'Location Momentum' is a set of five new recordings which will be made openly available on CD.

"The stuff that Eleh sets in motion from whatever electronic sound generators he/she deploys represents a measured and methodical paring away of all that might appear superfluous, baroque and rococo. Each of the tracks here consists of just a handful and discrete (and discreet) but highly charged sound events that emerge, overlap, recede and reverberate at critical frequencies over extended durations. At certain crucial points this approach serves as a formula for opening a portal what David Toop has referred to as the dark void, that spectral realm magicked into being (or exposed by) the drone, in which audio apparitions and chimeras dance through smoke and mirrors, suggesting the existence of occult planes and dimensions, multiple other realities, worlds within worlds." (Tony Herrington in The Wire)


Boomkat (UK):

*The long awaited Touch debut from Eleh - one of the most fascinating and mysterious projects in contemporary electronic music* Ever since we heard our first Eleh record back in 2006 we've been completely blown away by the precise architecture and conceptual realisation of one of the more mysterious recording projects in electronic music. A succession of eleven vinyl-only releases on Important and Taiga followed, marking the enigmatic figure behind the name as a purveyor of exceptional drone music, exploring analog synthesis with a particular emphasis on the physicality of sound from the very lowest registers of the frequency spectrum. 'Location Momentum' is the first time Eleh's music has become available on a digital format, giving Touch the honour of releasing five long, deeply immersive tracks. The patient deveopment and concentration of resonant acoustic phenomenae on the 20 minute opener 'Heleneleh' leaves us breathing slowly and feeling as though our atoms are about to disintegrate like a sandsculpture built on a bassbin. The overlapping drones hit critical frequencies, creating tactile synaesthetic sensations akin to some religious/narcotic experience. The cathedral-set reverbs of 'Circle One' further enhance the worship/trip, something we recommend experiencing on a good set of speakers as opposed to headphone for maximum effect (apparently you're supposed to be 7 feet away from the sound source), putting us into a drowsy, maleable state, but still acutely aware of an immense and insistent presence in control of our senses. By the time you're onto slow subduction of 'Observation Wheel' expect blurred vision and possibly speaking in tongues as par for the course. Finally we're left open mouthed and drooling at the measured and ultra-precise control of 'Rotational Change For Windmill', gradually lowering the pure, unadorned bass tones into a vacuum of abyssal nether regions, enveloping all other tones until we're in the presence of a mass of tangible air movements, at one with a properly arcane vibe. If the music of Eliane Radigue, La Monte Young or Kevin Drumm has affected your life, this album comes very highly recommended. *WARNING* Do not listen to this album while using heavy machinery or operating a vehicle!

Vital Weekly (NL):

It wasn't difficult to miss out on the previous eleven releases by Eleh: they were on vinyl and all in highly limited editions, for labels such as Important Records, Taiga and Touch. The latter now releases the first digital release, and even I get to hear it. Eleh, of whom nothing is revealed, started out in 1999 'an an exploration of analog synthesis, emphasizing low frequency oscillation and resonant acoustic phenomena'. That means Eleh has some ancient of a synth at his disposal (or hers, we don't know), that generates tones rather than sweet bubbling sounds. Eleh records these, say two or three, and then mixes them together. Yes, if you read that, it may sound the simplest of things, doesn't it? Well, perhaps it is, but its always the result that counts, isn't it? Its music that fills out your space in a great way. Think Alvin Lucier, I'd say, but then usually pitched down - or rather: playing the lower end of the sound spectrum. By knitting a few closely related sounds together, a whole series of 'extra' sounds start to sing - like there is more space between them. Only in 'Observation Wheel' there are a few distinctly different sounds - sine wave like and white noise like. 'Rotational Change For Windmill' sounds like an alarm going off, slowing down towards the end - indeed Lucier like (think 'Clocker'). Quite a strong CD of powerful subconscious drone music. (FdW)

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Eleh - Location Momentum

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Track 1:  HeleneleH

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