Bruce Gilbert - Monad

Track listing:

A: Ingress 2:42
B: Re-Exit 2:42

Cut by Jason @ Transition

Artwork and photography by Jon Wozencroft

TS12 - the next in the series of vinyl-only Touch Sevens [TS11 and TS13 to follow in 2011] - is Monad by Bruce Gilbert, whose career stretches back to late 1960's British avant garde art & music scenes, and has since played an important and influential role with his involvement in various rock based formations, work for choreographic projects and art installations...

Instruments: Korg Monotron Analogue Ribbon synth, Zoom RFX-200, Korg Kaos Pad 2, Apple GarageBand

Coruscating | Metallic | Hard | Structured Chaos | Loud


Norman Records (UK):

These freaking things, they are sent to torment me surely? Always too short to really unfurl round your mind, you are left trying to describe a pulse or a metallic whirr for 3-4 lines. I recently heard 'The Shivering Man' by this ex-Wirester and rather liked what I was hearing. This 'Monad' though? It's an austere, dystopian double-slice of brittle electro minimalism if ever I heard one! This is so not a party starter. The thing I like most about the 'Ingress' side is the throaty electronic echo, like the heartbeat of a machine, then you get the panning cyborgian scree but my favourite bit is surely the demented drunken disembodied w(h)irring in the far background. 'Re-edit' is basically a knuckle sandwich of monging, slightly highly-strung frequencies having a maudlin sing-a-long. Probably to commemorate another machines death from too much ink and data leakage. This record is quite an eerie little bastard. Does that mean I like it? Erm....yes, actually, I do.

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Bruce Gilbert - Monad

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