Sohrab - You Are Not Alone l

320 kpbs - 1 track - 37:09
Photography: Jon Wozencroft

The first in a series of reworkings of Sohrab material by artists showing solidarity to his cause... all label and artist money goes towards the fund for his appeal against the refusal to be granted political asylum in Germany...

Touch mix content providers:

JG Thirlwell - Susanna (Uxorial mix) 4:48 | Achim Mohné - Milan Knizhak mix#1 (side a) 6:05 | Jóhann Jóhannsson - Zarrin (remix) 6:01 (Mixed by Jóhann Jóhannsson at NTOV, Copenhagen, 24th May 2011) | Anonymous - Triple Exposure 9:10 (Mastered by a different Anonymous 24th May 2011) | Leif Elggren - No One Really Knows (destroyed) 11:46

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Sohrab - You Are Not Alone l

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Track 1:  You Are Not Alone l

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