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[OST] – CD jewel case - 28pp full colour - 15 tracks - 50 mins approx
Ash International # Ash 9.5

This CD is the soundtrack to the film AUN, directed by Edgar Honetschläger. With stills from the film in the full colour 28 page booklet, the artwork is designed by Philip Marshall.

AUN – The beginning and the end of all things
Director: Edgar Honetschläger
Music: Christian Fennesz (additional tracks by fennesz sakamoto)

You can see a clip here:

Track listing:

1. Kae
2. Aware*
3. Haru*
4. Sekai
5. Euclides
6. Sasazuka
7. Trace*
8. Mori
9. AUN40
10. Nemuru
11. Himitsu
12. AUN80
13. Nympha
14. Shinu
15. Hikari

* These titles also appear on the fennesz sakamoto album, 'Cendre' [Touch # Tone 32, 2007]


‘AUN – the beginning and the end of all things’ tells the story of mankind’s quest for the future, his desire to create the tomorrow, his fear of and loathing for the apocalypse. It spins the Faustian theme twice and lays bare open the inexhaustible Judea/Christian believe in progress, which by the 21st century has taken over the entire world and has succeeded in maneuvering the globe into a situation that can’t be solved by means of economics and science anymore. Enlightenment’s merits have taken the West’s ability to sense what is not to be seen, what is only to be felt. Believes are so much more than religion, than monotheistic concepts. Souls and spirits exist not only in film. Denial and neglect of eternal laws lead to extinction – of the individual and the entire human race. AUN invents rituals as well as mythologies and worships the creator of it all – nature – by playfully laying out its dichotomy with human culture. The film equals mankind’s beauty with nature by announcing that ‘everything mankind creates in nature’. Sadly the hubris ends and gives the audience the chance to heartily weep for the world.


‘AUN – the beginning and the end of all things’ follows the strings of thoughts the late Claude Lévi-Strauss revealed in his anthropological essays throughout the 20th century, as well as those of Japan’s unique Shintoism who’s millions of gods inhibit and preserve nature. The film focuses on the dichotomy man/nature and envisions a future world where life will be nothing but sensual. It contains references to Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector, Italian anthropologist Fosco Maraini and the Japanese writer Yoko Tawada.

‘AUN – the beginning and the end of all things’ is a 100 min., 35mm feature drama written/directed by the Austrian artist/filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger. It is a Austrian/Japanese co-production realized by Edoko Institute Vienna and Ribo Ltd. Tokyo in cooperation with KGP Vienna. AUN was supported by the Austrian Film Institute, the Vienna Film Fund, ORF (Austrian TV), the province of Upper Austria, the City of Tokyo, Tochigi Province, Shizuoka province, Yamanashi province.

For AUN film distribution contact distribution. With thanks to Edoko Institute, Vienna and Ribo Ltd., Tokyo


Playground (Spain)

Black Audio blogger writes For years Christian Fennesz has astounded listeners with a variety of work that transcends modern electronica, influencing many artists and in some ways being a legitimate Godfather of the scene. Official soundtracks can often be hit and miss, with more direction on short pieces in the order in which they play out through the film they accompany. Luckily Fennesz has provided actual full pieces of work to be listened to in their own right. ‘AUN-The beginning and the end of all things’, follows the thought processes of Claude Lévi-Strauss when piecing anthropological essays throughout the 20th century and Japanese Shintoism. I have to admit to not seeing the movie, but as I am completely taken with this release, I may be more inclined to hunt the actual movie down. Careful attention to subtle ambience is the main body of this soundtrack. As always, Fennesz expresses his undeniable talent when it comes to reverberation and space, allowing each instrument to hit its own stride and essentially take its sole spotlight on the podium when needed, from beautiful, raindrop infused piano to sunlight infused acoustics. Literally, this album is one of the highlights of the year so far; an aural accomplishment that should be revered and applauded for standing its ground, never pandering to any given genre and dancing to its own tune.

Whisperin' and Hollerin' (UK):

‘AUN’ - subtitled ‘The beginning and the end of all things’ - is, we are told in the CD’s booklet, ‘the story of mankind’s quest for the future, his desire to create the tomorrow, his fear and loathing for the apocalypse’. Its basis are the threads that run through Claude Levi-Strauss’ essays, and a focus on the dichotomy that exists between the man-made world and nature. ‘Aun’ sees the spectacularly prolific Christian Fennesz working to his strengths, and at the same time doing things slightly differently from his other recent releases. Quite remarkably, his instrumental compositions convey more of the film’s themes than one would expect possible, yet without recourse to volume or overt drama. Fennsesz has long demonstrated a sense of subtlety, and large sections of the ‘AUN’ soundtrack are very quiet indeed. A delicate piano hangs sparse notes in a rarefied air. A plucked acoustic guitar adds to the organic, human feel of the music. Passages of light are countered by passages of dark, foreboding drones scaling outwards and circling inwards. Moods turn, atmospheres change, yet the pieces segue together seamlessly. Measured, understated and fragile, this sounds like a soundtrack, in the best possible way. But even without the images the music was composed to accompany, it can provide a real-time soundtrack to an individual’s listening experience.

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Christian Fennesz - AUN

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Track 15:  Hikari

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