Marta De Pascalis - Anzar

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Illustration – GDP (Untitled,1973)

A: Anzar
B: Emerso

All music by Marta De Pascalis – synthesizers, tape echo. Mastered by Francesco Donadello at Calyx Mastering. De Pascalis (b. 1987) is a musician from Rome, currently based in Berlin, who works primarily with synthesisers and tape loops. 

“Anzar” and “Emerso” are two works composed using improvisation on a tape-loop system, in which patterns of repetition create a sense of a dense, dynamic and cathartic distance. “Anzar”’s cover art is from a series of black ink paintings made by Marta’s father in the 1970s.
Marta De Pascalis writes: “I see these pieces as tied in a cyclical motion with their sounds moving in different directions. In “Anzar”, sounds are constantly “falling” from the source, landing gently and staying on the tape’s surface until they fade out to be replaced by other sounds, finally reaching an austere resolution. In “Emerso”, there’s a different scenario: a persistent theme in the background with sounds that slowly emerge, interact and then dissolve, ending with an abrupt change of tone. Where is the centre of this cycle? Where is the centre of this tape? The centre is moving constantly; the centre is missing. Switch sides. Repeat.” – Marta De Pascalis, Berlin, 19th August 2016.

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Marta De Pascalis - Anzar

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