The Dead Mauriacs - Divertissements et malaises: airs a danser

A1: Italiens en canon
A2: Radio chiffrée, vague protocole
A3: Intermède grand band
A4: L’importance des chemises en rayonne
A5: Danses sacrées des ambassades
A6: Courte tension
B1: Aloha Titanic
B2: Clair de lune interrompu
B3: No da dada
B4: Révélation des hiboux

The Dead Mauriacs: field recordings, real and fake piano, files, computer, music.

The Dead Mauriacs’ music is a journey into post-industrial landscapes, non-sensical hörspiel, concrete exotica, Ballardian dystopia: a joyful nightmare. It is Olivier Prieur’s art and music project – primarily a solo act, but occasionally a collective with the addition of nice and lovely people such as Susan Matthews, Vincent Domeyne, Thorsten Soltau, Jan Warnke and Michael Esposito – with recent and forthcoming releases on Discrepant, NPH and Geräuschmanufaktur.

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The Dead Mauriacs - Divertissements et malaises: airs a danser

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