A Can of Worms

TTW#100 is A Can of Worms - a C120 mixtape starring 36 of your favourite worms, each serving an exclusive, previously unreleased track for your pleasure. Compiled in celebration of The Tapeworm's A Can of Worms show at IKLECTIK Art Lab, London on 29 September 2017

Illustration - SavX.

A Can of Worms
1: Achim Mohné “A Can Of Worms”
2: Simon Fisher Turner “Crow Sculpture”
3: Laura Agnusdei “Laurisilva”
4: Howlround “Untitled (080417 Demo 4)”
5: Hanno Leichtmann “E.N.L.”
6: Cristian Vogel “StochWalk Seed 0.13755”
7: Autodigest “Can Boots Reboot? (A Tentative Jaki Tribute)”
8: Andrew Poppy “X Track Hex”
9: Othon “Limitless”
10: “Esprit Critique”
11: SGR^CAV “Fight For Light”
12: Tearsov “Prescription”
13: Saturn and the Sun “Bad Vibes In Rural Environment”
14: Château Laut “Moby’s Meat” (Live at Schokoladen, 20.ii.09)
15: Derek Jarman in conversation with Richard Torry “Punks”
16: Jasmin Blasco “Sunrise on the Black Sea”
17: Marta de Pascalis “Free Sempre”
18: Kumo “Me, Myself, I” (Excerpt)
19: “One-Two”
20: Parker “Lullaby (Demo)”

B Can of Worms 
1: Stefan Goldmann “ Intrinsic”
2: Carl Michael von Hausswolff “Matter III” (Version 0.1)
3: John Butcher “Monk Hum”
4: Henry Rodrick “Isle Of Dogs”
5: Leslie Winer “Don’t Be Tempted”
6: Watkins/Peacock “Two With Three Of Six”,
7: Jay Glass Dubs “Honorary Worm Dub”,
8: Mark Van Hoen “The Voice Of Many Waters”
9: Philip Marshall “Tyro”
10: Le Forbici di Manitù “Krohn (1988)”
11: Christos Chondropoulos “Disco Venduno”
12: Acid Fountain “Dznce”
13: Paul H Williams “Flying”
14: “168”
15: Offerings For The Cannibal Gods “The Opposing Forces Of Memory And Oblivion”
16: Leif Elggren “Fee Five Foo Fun”
17: Nigel Wrench “ZA87” (Excerpt)
18: Phil Julian “Tempo Wreath”
19: Dale Cornish “One Hundred”

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A Can of Worms

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