Lary Seven - Rotation

Cassette only - limited edition of 200 copies
Illustration - SavX.

Track listing:

A: Live at White Columns, New York (2001)
B: Live at Experimental Intermedia, New York (2004)

A: recorded by Jackson Ryker.
B: recorded by Daniel Smith and Byron Westbrook.


Lary 7 is a multimedia alchemist able to coax profane and inscrutable sounds and images from numerous and mysterious devices. His work has been described as that of a magician or scientist, not always certain of the outcome, but determined to see it through to its (Il)logical end. Since the late 1970’s he’s been building, soldering, photographing, recording, mixing, filming, playing, recombining, collecting, re-interpreting and creating in order to make something happen. He is the co-founder of Plastikville Records and Directart Productions Ltd. and is the founder of the Analogue Society. Mr. Seven lives and works in Manhattan’s East Village and is one of the last remaining vestiges of a once vibrant community.

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Lary Seven - Rotation

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