Touch. 30 years and counting [FLAC edition]

4 tracks - FLAC - 70:16

Compiled, edited, mixed and produced by Mike Harding & Jon Wozencroft, 14-15th October 2012
Mastered by Denis Blackham, 26th October 2012

Track listing:

SIDE 1 16:58

Touch 33 - Pont Saeson
Fennesz - 55 Cancri e
Bruce Gilbert - Apis
Rosy Parlane - Awhitu
Recorded in Auckland, NZ, 13th October 2012
Oren Ambarchi - Merely A Portmanteau
Guitars & such recorded in Tel Aviv and Melbourne

SIDE 2 17:15

The Book Depository
ELEH - Over Woven
BJNilsen - The cackle of dogs and laughter of death
Recorded outside The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, September 10th 2012
Nana April Jun - High And Low And Mid Plane Mass

SIDE 3 18:14

Chris Watson - Brussel-Nord
Recorded on location at Brussel-Nord. Soundfield ST 450 microphone, 4 channel B format signal decoded to stereo'
Mika Vainio - Erstwhile
All sounds produced with electric guitar. Recorded in Berlin, October 2012
Carl Michael von Hausswolff - Cleansing of the Cruel Tyrants Chamber
Location recording: Kings chamber, Khufu pyramid, Giza, Egypt, December 2010
Additional sine wave recordings: The Castle, Stockholm, October 2012
Composed at Darb 1718 in Cairo, December 2010 and at the Castle in Stockholm, October 2012
Jana Winderen - In a Silent Place
Bats recorded in Regents Park, London, September 2012 using a Pettersen DX1000 Ultrasound Detector. Underwater recordings in Newtown Creek, Brooklyn and under Marine Parkway Bridge in Rockaway Inlet, New York with Reson 4032 and DPA 8011 hydrophones

SIDE 4 17:49

Philip Jeck - Saint Pancras
Francisco López - untitled#286
Original environmental sound matter recorded in Bogotá and Lima in October 2011
Composed and mastered at mobile messor (Lima), October 2011
Z'EV- the inreadables
Hildur Gudnadottir - Just This
Recorded in Berlin, October 2012
Biosphere - Gryfici
Bicycle brakes recorded in the Wolski forest, Kraków, December 2011

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Touch. 30 years and counting [FLAC edition]

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