Philip Jeck - 7

FLAC - 7 tracks - 49.49


1. Wholesome
2. Museum
3. Wipe
4. Bush Hum
5. Now You Can Let Go
6. Some Pennies
7. Veil

7 is Philip Jeck's 7th solo album... All Seven are edits of home and concert recordings (UK Germany & Belgium) using Bush, Ferguson, Fidelity & Philips record-players, Sony portable mini-disc and Casio keyboards. Bush Hum was made from the amplified hum of a Bush record-player and delay-pedal. Wipe was originally made for a video by Marisa Zanotti.

"Johnny Mathis advances the art of remembering" (Mort Goode 1972)

... points of origin slip into areas of acceptance then long listening eliminates any worries about that acceptance and parts the normally tightly bound, throwing seldom acknowledged emotions through newly opened doors...

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Philip Jeck - 7

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