Stephan Mathieu - 10 Minutes

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Published by Touch Music [MCPS] © 2010 Ash International

"Nine webcam movies for handheld devices shot with my laptop's camera between September and October 2009. The soundtrack is basically what was playing then. 10 Minutes is dedicated to Anna Carolina Mikalef."

I.  Crepuscule light, curtain, wind audio: Amelita Galli-Curci sings Massenet 78rpm from 1921

II.  Screen 16mm projector, b/w flicker, projection audio: Stephan Mathieu

III.  Eye light, reflection audio: Stephan Mathieu plays Sylvain Cauveau (excerpt)

IV.  Sonnenschatten light, mobile, shade audio: Heinrich Isaac 78rpm from von 1928

V.  Licht kitchen cabinet, sunlight reflection audio: (silent)

VI.  Hoch garden, picnic gramophone, 78rpm record with bird song audio: unknown throssle captured on 78rpm shellac in 1932

VII.  Sonne light, mobile audio: Stephan Mathieu, text by Yoko Ono

VIII.  Two Dots empty turntable audio: François Couperin, "Le Carillion de Chitere" 78rpm from 1934

IX.  Code 16mm projector, b/w flicker, puzzled webcam audio: Stephan Mathieu (from "Process")


A new port of entry to the Touch catalog appears, opened by Stephan Mathieu – miniature audio-visual works for iphone/ipod.

These 10 delicate pieces comprised of short video works with ornate soundtracks are perfectly captivating – casual yet engaging enough to call for instant r…epeated viewing. One can’t help but feel the editing could have been less extreme, but as the title suggests the experience is but fleeting.

‘Screen’ shimmers with a hypnotic pulse, whilst the circular motions of ‘Hoch’ and ‘Sonne’, hint perhaps at a forthcoming in-depth investigation cyclical motion and sound.

VITAL (Netherlands):

Ok, the rule is that we no longer review online releases. I make those rules, so I can also break them if I want to. I like to make this exception for the release by Stephan Mathieu. Not only a highly amiable man, but also a producer of all fine things music wise. The description is clear: ""Nine webcam movies for handheld devices shot with my laptop's camera between September and October 2009. The soundtrack is basically what was playing then." Mathieu has a fascination for flickering images, not man produced (well, not necessarily), but from natural events. The wind moves the curtain and the sun tries to burst in. Light on an old shellac (and incidentally picking up the sound from the shellac). Images from the garden, shadow of trees. Simply process like images and accidental sound, which however fits the image well (or vice versa of course: the image fit well to the music). A short sweet production, that, had I one, I would stick immediately on my iphone/ipad/mobile. In fact I wouldn't mind to have all of these as 10 minutes pieces each. [FdW]

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Stephan Mathieu - 10 Minutes

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