Edgar Honetschlager & Yukika Kudo - Negative Space

12:04 - m4v file - free download

Live at Charim Galerie, Vienna, November 19th 2011

"The situation in Japan is dramatic. The day before yesterday a doctors' congress came to an end in Tokyo. Since Fukushima blew up, the cancer rate has dramatically increased in the contaminated areas - which covers 8% of the Japanese land mass. it is unacceptable that babies and children end up with cancer because the public response is not be heard. Please have a look at the video. if you like it please pass it on. We must shout - the louder the better - because it is of concern to all of us."

All visuals © Edoko Institute, Vienna | Ribo Ltd., Tokyo
Music: "Aun" (Christian Fennesz) published by Touch Music [MCPS] | "Mit anderen Augen" (Simone Santi Gubini)/La Camera Verde | "Miro Marcus" (Peter Ablinger)

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Edgar Honetschlager & Yukika Kudo - Negative Space

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