Triac - Days

LINE_071 | CD | limited edition of 400 | April 2015

Triac is a new trio project led by Rossano Polidoro of former duo TU M’ whose beautiful 2009 sold out LINE release Monochromes Vol.1 (LINE_040) garnered great acclaim.

Days is an album of dazzling yet smooth distant drones that almost hover in the air. The sound of the slowest moving picture and subtle flickering lights beyond it. For listeners who appreciate the works of Celer, William Basinski, and Stephan Mathieu.

TRIAC is a discrete electronic music trio formed in the end of 2011. Their work also encompasses audiovisual art installations about the relations between sound/space atmospheres and natural elements. Their first album in a room was released in 2014 on Russian label Mikroton.

1 Day One 10:24
2 Day Two 07:34
3 Day Three 12:08
4 Day Four 04:05
5 Day Five 06:46
6 Day Six 05:12
7 Day Seven 04:20

music composed and perfomed by Triac. Recorded in 2014.
Rossano Polidoro (of TU M’): laptop
Marco Seracini: piano, synth
Augusto Tatone: electric bass

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Triac - Days

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