Serh Cluett - Forms of Forgetting

LINE_067 | CD + digital | edition of 500 | September 2014

LINE is proud to present a second recording by American sound artist Seth Cluett, following his beautiful 2011 release Objects of Memory (LINE_048).

Forms of Forgetting is a studio construction investigating memory/forgetting and attention/inattention as catalysts for formal development in long-duration sound work. An extension of Seth Cluett’s gallery-based practice and created out of a sequence of materials developed for performance, the piece is the culmination of two years of in-situ live experimentation. Part site-specific performance, part modular, mobile form, this work employs techniques that aim to explore the fallibility of sound memory as a component of saturated, immersive listening over substantial elapsed time.

“It is then no longer oblivion that materiality begets, forgetting by the effacement of traces, but forgetting in terms of a reserve or a resource. Forgetting then designates the unperceived character of the perseverance of memories, their removal from the vigilance of consciousness.?
— Paul Ricoeur, Memory, History, Forgetting

in memory of Lee Hyla (1952-2014)

thanks: Susanna Bolle, Michael Bullock, Kyle Bruckmann, Richard Garet, Jennifer Eberhardt, Lawrence Kumpf, Paul Lansky, Justin Luke, Phill Niblock

Seth Cluett (b. 1976 in Troy, NY) explores everyday actions at extreme magnification, celebrates minutae by amplifying impossible tasks, and explores the working of memory in forms that rethink the role of the senses in an increasingly technologized society.

As an artist, performer, and composer whose work ranges from photography and drawing to video, installation, concert music, and critical writing, his “subtle…seductive, immersive? (Artforum) sound work has been characterized as “rigorously focused and full of detail? (e/i) and “dramatic, powerful, and at one with nature? (The Wire). Boomkat described his 2011 CD Objects of Memory on the LINE as a “beautifully tremulous and thoughtful exploration in electro-acoustic sound.?

The recipient of grants from Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Fund, Meet the Composer, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, he has presented work in thirteen countries on five continents at venues such as MassMoCA, The Kitchen, GRM, Palais de Tokyo, STEIM, and Dundee Contemporary Arts. Recent work is documented on Line, Radical Matters, Sedimental, and Winds Measure recordings.

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Serh Cluett - Forms of Forgetting

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