Rehberg & Bauer - Passt

CD - 33:16
13 Tracks

Five years ago, 'Faßt' declared itself to be entirely made up of the ‘mistakes’ and system errors of the digital processes Rehberg & Bauer had used in its making, thus finding themselves at the front end of an emerging tendency in new music that came to be known as ‘glitch’... frustratingly to those actively involved, because it freeze-framed the more critical dimension of such works into a genre that quickly became a gliché.

Following Faßt and ballt, and originated live on their tour of Australia last year, passt completes Rehberg & Bauer's trilogy for Touch; as such, it provides a window through which to monitor the progress (and atrophy) of this phase of development, now that the laptop seems as commonplace as the electric guitar.

Visitors to last year’s Sonar 2000 festival might have witnessed the spectacle of Rehberg & Bauer joining forces with Merzbow, Hecker, Lopez, Haswell et al under the sobriquet of The Laptop Orchestra – in itself a wake-up call, a performance wherein those with nothing to show you were being videoed, en masse, by those with nothing to watch.

A year on, those with nothing to say are busier than ever, producing CDs whose distinguishing exteriors give listeners nothing to look at. In 2001, surface abstraction is easily output. passt therefore is an attempt to relocate this mode of music– making into something once again more progressive.

Originated live on their tour of australia last year [what is music @ big_day out, sydney/revolver, melbourne and palladium, sydney], passt completes Rehberg & Bauer's trilogy for Touch, following Fa§t and ballt. 'revolver', tracks 7 to 13, is a recording of the gig itself in Melbourne. The other tracks were edited from elements of the shows and then mastered. The venues where the recordings were made vary in character: palladium - sleazy, red light district, urban decay: revolver - classy, good p.a.: the olympic stadium [what is music festival] - held 70000 pissed aussies and featured Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nine Inch Nails etc. You can imagine... The introduction is provided by Eric Mitsak, some kind of local celeb, but now a cult figure and destined for, um, we are not quite sure. We are sure, however, that he'll crop up again.

Track Listing:

finga 1_3 sunday 4_5 nix null revolver 7_13

The Trilogy:

1. Faßt [TO:32, 1997]
'All recycled garbage should sound this good.'
2. ballt [TO:39, 1999]
'Kind of like cleaning one's ears with steel wool Q-tips.'
3. passt [TO:45, 2001]
'This is possibly the first comedy laptop record ever' - Andrew Jacques, These Records

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Rehberg & Bauer - Passt

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