Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus

Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus
Touch # TS02
7" vinyl only

Track Listing:

1. 3m
2. 10m

Locked grooves on both sides...

Artwork & Photography by Jon Wozencroft | Cut by Jason @ Transition

The voices and rhythms of the Humboldt current around the Galapagos Islands recorded April 2006 using a pair of Dolphin Ear Pro Hydrophones onto a NAGRA ARES-Pll digital audio recorder.

Chris Watson, originally from Sheffield but now resident in Newcastle, England, is the world's leading wildlife sound recordist. After co-founding Cabaret Voltaire with Richard Kirk and Stephen Mallinder, he left in 1981 to work for Tyne Tees Television and he also joined The Hafler Trio. He then left to become the sound archivist for the Royal Society for Protection of Birds. He is now working full time as a freelance sound recordist.

This is the first release in a new series of Touch 7" vinyl only releases, 'Touch Sevens'

Chris Watson has released 3 solo albums for Touch and 2 collaborations with Swedish sound artist BJNilsen.

With BJNilsen:

Storm [Touch # Tone 27, 2006]
Wind [Ash # Ash 6.5, 2001]


Weather Report [Touch # TO:47, 2003]
Outside the Circle of Fire [Touch # TO:37, 1998]
Stepping into the Dark [Touch # TO:27, 1996]


kk null/Chris Watson/z'ev - Number One [Touch # Tone 24, 2005]
Star Switch On - Chris Watson with AER/Biosphere/Fennesz/Hazard/Philip Jeck/Mika Vainio [Touch # Tone 18, 2002]

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Chris Watson - Oceanus Pacificus

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