The Idealist [Joachim Nordwall]- I Am The Fire

I Am The Fire
The Idealist
AA/Nosordo NSRD007 2006
CD - 6 Tracks

Track Listing:

1. The Kives Are My Eyes
2. To Make Exact Copies of Every Mistake Ever Made
3. A Am Not Here
4. The Cranium
5. The Declaraaation of Indeeependence
6. My Head is on Fire

Track 5 reading by Leif Elggren.

A lifetime in the making (and a year or two or actual production), "I am the Fire" is the full-length debut release by The Idealist, a Swedish musician with a penchant for the subversive side of atmospheric noise. This 6-track album is a through-the-keyhole (earhole?) look at the mind of a man who lives, breathes and dreams of sounds with an organic feel but an electronic bite.

"The first album proper from Swedish drone technichian Joachim Nordwall (aka The Idealist) was some years in gestation and at least a year or so in recording. To the sceptic this might seem extraordinary, as sections of "To Make Exact Copies Of Every Mistake Ever Made", which opens with a lengthy intro of heavy generator buzz, don't sound like they necessarily required the presence of their instigator in the studio. However, these tracks draw on the ancient powers of the drone. They take a slow hold, darkly swaddling the listener and inducing, if not actually a meditative state, a very plausible depiction of one. Opener "The Knives Are My Eyes" writhes like jet black lava, more like a living thing than an electronic creation. "I Am Not Here" adds to the sense of a real, organic presence struggling to find expression within the 'mute' context of the synthesizer. "The Cranium" is a rude, frontal awakening, all treble crackle, rearing up then ebbing away. "The
Declaraaation Of Indeeependence" could be a political statement of sorts, as the garbled, filtered voice of Leif Elggren jabbers the offending document with a sort of shrill complacency, oblivious to the vortex of noise in which it has become swallowed up. A piece of electronic satire on US foreign policy, perhaps? Deceptive in what what could superficially be taken as droney sameyness, "I Am The Fire" is a rich and rewarding study of the interior life." [David Stubbs, THE WIRE].

"Powerful drone music that won't lull the listener into a deep sleep, but make the hairs on your back rise up. Intense music that defies genres, belonging partly to industrial music and partly drone/ambient, but is just right on." FdW - Vital Weekly 548.

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The Idealist [Joachim Nordwall]- I Am The Fire

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