Dale Cornish and Phil Julian - Laughing Out

A: Laughing Out
B1: For Vocal
B2: Palazzo

Limited edition of 123 copies + WAV Download of all tracks. Composed and performed by top pop duo Dale Cornish and Phil Julian. Dale Cornish: vocals, words, electronics (B1 and B2). Phil Julian: electronics. Mastered by that Phil Julian. Cut by Jason Goz, London, February 2016. Screenprint of a legendary double-act by Lukas Julius Keijser.

Three tracks which emerged from a rehearsal session in an oddly decorated room in South Croydon.

“Laughing Out��? is the duo’s sing-along summer anthem and shares some DNA with “Love Can’t Turn Around��? as re-imagined/destroyed by a middle–aged balding chap with a deep distrust of the dancefloor.

“For Vocal��? appears to be a recording of people moving pallets of ride cymbals wrapped in tin-foil around a warehouse but it’s hard to say, really. Almost certainly important. 

“Palazzo��? = a computer minding its own academic business + some curmudgeonly American test equipment + some honeypot crooning = not a dry seat in the house.


Dale Cornish: born, raised and current of London (south). Previously in No Bra (2004–6): co–wrote unexpected hit “Munchausen��?. Terse humour and observations/worldly interests further evident with work of ecstatic noise trio Baraclough (2006–2012). Current focus is on solo recordings for labels including Entr’acte, The Tapeworm and Beartown Records, and collaborations with artists including Adam Asnan, Andie Brown, Powell and Phil Julian.

Phil Julian is a UK based composer and improviser active since the late 90s principally working with modular electronic devices and computers. Releases have appeared on labels including Entr’acte, Harbinger Sound, The Tapeworm and Beartown Records. Recent collaborations on recordings and performances with Dale Cornish, John Macedo, Kostis Kilymis, Jason Kahn and Angharad Davies. Regular live performances since 2004 in the UK, Europe and North America.

“Don’t you worry about your hearing?��? – Bergen, 2005
“Was great, like being eaten by a tiny insect…��? – Berlin, 2008
“We need you to play some music…��? – London, 2010

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Dale Cornish and Phil Julian - Laughing Out

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Track 1:  Laughing Out

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