Alvars Orkester - Interference

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26.02.06 Release date ::: Launch party ::: Ash 13 @ Fylkingen, Stockholm

1. Johannishus [10:05]
2. Cobra Mist [6:50]
3. Reality Distortion Field [19:28]
4. Field Grey [8:41]

Recorded in Studio Styrka, Karlskrona, Sweden April 2005
Controllers: Joachim Nordwall & Jan Svensson

Analogue sound experiments from old Sweden 1987-2006+

This album is the first release in what will be the 13th anniversary since the foundation of Ash International.

'Interference' by Alvars Orkester was edited by Mike Harding and Philip Marshall, who here also designs his first CD for the label. 'Interference' consists of analogue drones, interspersed with hardcore electronics, hair-raising voices and spine-chilling ambience.

Alvars Orkester, was formed in 1987 in Johannishus, a small village in the south-east of Sweden by a group of young boys interested in the mysteries of psychic sickness, mental institutions, the industrial music culture and the power of sound. For the first very creative years, Alvars was very active within the independent cassette culture scene releasing their stuff (that quite soon drifted from the industrialism inspired by Test Dept, TG, SPK and z’ev to an atmospheric, psychedelic and quite ambient version of noise) on small labels in Italy, Portugal, USA etc.

AO was always very closely connected to the Börft Records label, run by the two core members Jan Svensson and Joachim Nordwall. Börft was a label for weird electronic experiments, noise and industrial. In 1994, Nordwall left the label and Sweden (to return to the country forming the iDEAL Organisation but never to Börft and the south-east) and Svensson continued by focusing on bent acid house and dance stuff.

The psychedelic aspect of the music came in though an early interest in natural drugs and the need to investigate different ways of messing with the mind.

For years, AO remained silent with a few short exceptions, but in April 2005, Nordwall and Svensson recorded the 'Interference' album for Ash International. Coloured by Svensson's increasing paranoia sickness and the tension between the two that have been there since their youth, they put down the aspects of the mysteries of psychic broadcasting and manipulation on tape.

Long sessions during the years in the mainly analogue Studio Styrka in Johannishus built up a huge archive of recordings, most unreleased to date but slowly being brought to light by labels like Kning Disk, RRR and White Tapes.

The Wire (UK):

Swedish noise combo Alvars Orkester were active in the 80s Industrial cassette underground. Interference marks the return of core members Jan Svensson and Joachim Nordwall after a long layoff. Inspired by faintly ghoulish interest in extreme mental states (both psychic and chemically induced), the duo present four highly involving pieces, some of which feature source material dating back to the group's beginnings. Their approach switches between slowly evolving electronic dreamscapes ("Field Grey") and noise constructions ("Cobra Mist"); "Reality Distortion Field", the album's highlight, pits feedback whine against processed and cut-up voices, occupying a space somewhere between the two poles. There's a sense of careful retsraint about Interference, evincing a reluctance on the part of the duo to be drawn into making noise for noise's sake. [Keith Moliné]

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Alvars Orkester - Interference

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Track 1:  Johannishus

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