Lem Tuggle - Breakout

Published in 1996
Cassette only

In March 1984, six men escaped from Virginia's most secure prison. It remains the only mass escape from death row in US history.

This recording was made on death row by Lem D. Tuggle with a pocket cassette recorder hidden in his cell. As a guard approached his cell, Lem had to stop recording, thus accounting for the few breaks in the sound.

The tape was removed from the cassette shell and smuggled out by letter. This is a copy of the original recording in its entirety.

Of the six men who escaped, five have been executed. Only Lem survives... [he was later executed. His last words were "Merry Christmas".]

With thanks to: Susan Savage, Mark & Jayne Penn, Darren Ambrose and Nikki Venerell.

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Lem Tuggle - Breakout

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