CD - 75:45
13 tracks

Finnbogi Pétursson Franz Pommasl BJNilsen Jacob Kirkegaard Mike Harding Kent Tankred J. G. Thirlwell PerMagnus Lindborg Jana Winderen Hans Sydow Brandon LaBelle Petteri Nisunen/Tommi Grönlund & an ensemble piece arranged by BJNilsen [Hazard]

The first CD from the freq_out collective [curator: Carl Michael von Hausswolff] results from the work done by the team at d!sturbances, Copenhagen, June 2003.

Track Listing:

1. 5000-11000Hz Petteri Nisunen & Tommi Grönlund
2. 2000-5000Hz Brandon Labelle
3. 1000-2000Hz Hans Sydow
4. 500-1000Hz Jana Winderen
5. 350-500Hz PerMagnus Lindborg
6. 250-350Hz J. G. Thirlwell
7. 180-250Hz Kent Tankred
8. 140-180Hz Mike Harding
9. 90-140Hz Jacob Kirkegaard
10. 65-90Hz BJNilsen
11. 25-65Hz Franz Pommasl
12. 0-25Hz Finnbogi Pétursson
13. Collective BJNilsen

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Track 13:  Collective

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