Chris Watson - Stepping into the Dark

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The tracks are the atmospheres of "special places", recorded with the use of camouflaged microphones.

"In recent years I have noticed that some of the locations I visited as a sound recordist displayed remarkable and particular characteristics. These may be sparkling acoustics, a special timbre, sometimes rhythmic, percussive or transient animal sounds. Without a doubt, playing a recording made at one of these sites can recreate a detailed memory of the original event. Also, as others have described, there is an intangible sense of being in a special place — somewhere that has a spirit — a place that has an ‘atmosphere’. These recordings avoid background noise, human disturbance and editing. They are made using sensitive microphones camouflaged and fixed in position usually well in advance of any recording or animal behaviour. The mics. are then cabled back on very long leads to a hide or concealed recording point, the aim being to capture the actual sound within each particular location without external influence. Sites are discovered by researching local natural or social history, by interpreting features on a map or through anecdote and conversation with people about their feelings for or against particular places. The author and researcher Tom Lethbridge identified the sources of several spirits within the topography of the area. I suspect that this also includes flora and fauna, local time of day, the weather and the season. The following recordings are the atmospheres of special places." (Chris Watson)

Track listing:

Low Pressure Glen Cannich, Inverness-shire, Scotland
(57.21°N 04.57°W) 0810h 6 October 1994

Embleton Rookery Embleton, Northumberland, England
(55.30°N 01.38°W) 0600h 7 May 1983

The Crossroads Kiedler Forest, Northumberland, England
(55.09°N 02.27°W) 0620h 27 March 1994

River Mara At Dawn River Mara, Maasai Mara, Kenya
(01.25°S 35.07°E) 0615h 16 September 1994

A Passing View Los Olivitos, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela
(10.46°N 71.02°W) 2350h 3 April 1991

Bosque Seco Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica
(10.49°N 85.39°W) 0540h 6 April 1995

Sunsets Breachacha, Island of Coll, Scotland
(56.36°N 06.37°W) 2230h 16 May 1994

The Blue Men Of The Minch Moray Firth, Scotland
(57.30°N 04.15°W) 1400h 30 July 1995

High Pressure Ravenstonedale, Cumbria, England
(54.25°N 02.24°W) 0550h 25 February 1994

Gahlitzerstrom Ummanz, Rügen Islands, Germany
(54.32°N 13.11°E) 1740h 5 October 1993

The Forest Path Meallan na Ceardaich, Glen Affric, Scotland
(57.19°N 04.52°W) 0625h 7 October 1994

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Chris Watson - Stepping into the Dark

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