Various Artists - Hiss: An Ash International Sampler

CD - 41:44
14 Tracks

An Ash ampler released to coincide with the HISS installaton in the elevator in the Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden. All the Ash regulars are here...Disinformation [vs. Evan Parker], S.E.T.I., Bernd Friedmann, Runaway Train, Lem Tuggle, Mark Van Hoen & Daren Seymour, AER, Hazard and others. Extracts from previous Ash releases provide a superb cross-section of the label from 1995-2000.

Photography by Johan Zetterquist
Design by minitron

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Various Artists - Hiss: An Ash International Sampler

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Track 11:  Bernd Friedmann - Leisure Zones

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