Ocsid - Opening Sweep

CD - 74:05
1 Track

OCSID are:

CM von Hausswolff [Phauss/KREV]
Edvard Graham Lewis [Wire/Wir/Dome/He Said]
Jean Louis Huhta [Lucky People Center]

CM von Hausswolff [Ash 2.6CD2, Ash 3.7], Edvard Graham Lewis [Ash 1.8CD2, Ash 2.6CD2, Ash 3.9] and for the first time on the label, Jean-Louis Huhta combine for their second Ocsid CD*, Opening Sweep.

Opening Sweep was recorded at
L-O-K, a club in Munich, Bavaria, on the 12th November 1999.Ocsid started performing before the audience arrived: and finished as the floors were being swept (2200 - 0330). Opening Sweep is the first 75.04 experienced by five dogs and a man. It took a year before Ash received the MD master, as they are all exceptionally busy people; Graham took part in the reformation of Wire and subsequent tour; CM exhibited and performed around the world; Jean-Louis started a family whilst continuing to record and play. Discussions as to whether the master should be altered in any way...or not...were intense yet brief...it wasn't...this is it...

They all live in Sweden. [Because of global warming, the bears in Stockholm Zoo can't hibernate, so their cages have to be refrigerated.] The CD was then mastered by Denis Blackham onto exabyte digital tape at Country Masters...

Design by minitron
Photography by Jean-Louis Huhta

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Ocsid - Opening Sweep

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Track 1:  Opening Sweep

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