Burning Tree - Stinger

Cassette only - limited edition of 200 copies

Track listing:

A1: Chug
A2: Sting
B1: Shred
B2: Bite
B3: Bends

Illustration - Florian Hetz.

Burning Tree are Dag Stiberg & Dag Erik Knedal Andersen.

Dag Erik Knedal Andersen is perhaps best known for his "hyperactive, take-no-prisoners" approach to drumming. He has been a ubiquitous presence on the Norwegian improvised music scene over the last couple of years, and has toured all over Europe with groups such as Golden Dawn, Cunt Rash, and the now-inactive Supersonic Rocketship.

Dag Stiberg has been studying alternative approaches to the saxophone sound for a decade, both solo and with his band Maranata. Mostly known for his wide use of guitar effects he has taken another approach in the band Burning Tree, which explores the sounds of the acoustic realm.

Burning Tree decided to go into the studio in February 2011 and record an acoustic session. They had recently done a lot of noise stuff with their noise bands Cunt Rash and Maranata and wanted to bring that energy to this recording. The result is a very harsh free jazz tape with five tracks – total 35 minutes – with extremely dirty saxophone and ecstatic drums.



VITAL WEEKLY (Netherlands):

...We have also Burning Tree, a duo of from Norway, being Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums and Dag Stilberg on saxophone. Normally he plays these with a whole bunch of guitar effects (in his other band Maranata), but here its all acoustic, for both of them. Total and utter free improvised music - free-jazz if you will. This tape last thirty-five minutes and this seems to me the same amount of time spend in the studio - with stuff like this there is no need for editing, dubbing or producing - this music is just being documented, 'as is'. Now you could easily wonder if this music needs to be documented at all, or wether its the live element that should count only. Obviously I don't agree - I think it should be, and when recorded under fine conditions: why not. This reminded me of an old Dutch band, Der Junge Hund, whose first LP lasted thirty-five minutes and they didn't spend more time in the studio. Ear blasting, chaotic, wild, lovely.

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Burning Tree - Stinger

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