Wild Daughter - Live at The Backstreet

Cassette only – limited edition of 100 copies
Wild Daughter logotype – Ross Teperek. Artwork – Stuart McKenzie. Manicure – Stefan Fähler.

A1: Take Your Life/We Don’t Like
A2: Get Gone
A3: Digit It
A4: Snatch
A5: Mr. G
A6: Mr. Midnight
A7: Brando Bomb
A8: Carry Me Home

Programme repeats on B-side

Wild Daughter are the light and the dark, the push/pull, the tension, the release. On “Live at The Backstreet” – recorded on 13.ix.18 at infamous East London gentlemen’s club The Backstreet – they are captured live, in their element. Accompanied by newest members Jacob Shaw and Conrad Pack, founders James Jeanette and Stuart Mckenzie conjure up sexual demons, inciting the audience almost into a ritualistic trance. Be warned…

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Wild Daughter - Live at The Backstreet

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Wild Daughter - Live at The Backstreet