BJNilsen - Fade to White

FLAC - 45:30 - 6 tracks

Composed and Mixed By BJNilsen @ ToneRoom Stockholm 2003-2004
Artwork & Photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track listing:

1. Purple Phase
2. Dead Reckoning
3. Let me know when its over
4. Impossibilidad
5. Grappa Polar
6. Nine ways till Sunday

There are two tracks from the sessions which available for download:

Benny Nilsen writes: "'Fade To White' contains material from the making of 3 pieces which were created within a different season and then edited, re-arranged and re-mixed in the summer of 2004. 6 pieces contain outdoor field recordings from travels in mainly central europe in 2003 [Gdansk/Poland, Narva/Estonia, Sarajevo/Serbia Herzegovina, Arad/Romania, Trieste/Italy], and static indoor recordings from 2004 Stockholm/Sweden, Brussels/Belgium, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Vienna/Austria, Geneva/Switzerland.

I used acoustic and electrical instruments recorded in open spaces picking up the natural ambience, blending those with environmental sounds of nature and then arranged it in the computer, creating dynamic layers of sound that feed from one another."

This is BJNilsen's 3rd album for Touch, after Land [Touch # Tone 17 - as Hazard] and Live at the Konzerthaus, Vienna [Touch # TO:CDR5]. He also recorded 3 Hazard albums for Ash International.

What they have said before about his work:

"... they shift and flow together until it's a warm and whirring wash of delicate low end rumbles and faraway shimmer. So beautiful." [Aquarius , USA]

"His sound is distant, alien and yet seductive enough to draw you outside your house to drift through the streets, following its trail for hours on end." [XLR8R, USA]

"Nilsen is a whiz with atmosphere, creating held tones that blend perfectly with whatever ambient sound happens to meet them." [Pitchfork Media, USA]

"very pure and sophisticated, peaceful and frightfully beautiful." [Phosphor, Germany]

BJNilsen lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in 1975, he began working with experimental music and sound at an early stage. He was influenced by the early tape movements with the pioneers of sonic assault and released his first recordings at the age of 15. Benny founded Hazard in 1996 after a couple of years as a guitarist/bass player in several local bands. He has since then focused on the sound of nature and its effect on humans, field recordings and the perception of time and space as experienced through sound.

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BJNilsen - Fade to White

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