Claire M Singer - Fairge

Claire M Singer - Fairge [Touch # Tone 59]
24 bit download - 1 track - 20:55

Written & performed by Claire M Singer
Mastered by Denis Blackham @ Skye
Photography & design by Jon Wozencroft

Recorded by Clare Gallagher at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, 12th June 2017 on the transept organ built by Ahrend & Brunzema (1965). 'Fairge' was commissioned by Oude Kerk for ‘Silence’, a concert series curated by Jacob Lekkerkerker.

Fairge, meaning ‘the ocean’ or ‘the sea’, is very much a companion piece to Claire’s solo album, ‘Solas’ (Touch, 2016), about which The Quietus wrote: “...something very special indeed – each piece is timeless and genuinely magical” and Norman Records asked "Why have we had to wait this long for this excellent sound to be recorded and released?”

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Claire M Singer - Fairge

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