Zerocrop - Painkiller

CD in 8 panel digipak

Track Listing:

1. Die Screaming 
2. Ugly
3. Razors
4. Don't Hurt Me
5. Empty
6. Nightvision
7. Scum
8. Inside The Prison
9. Resist The Devil
10. Evil

Having extensively explored sex and drugs on previous releases, Zerocrop now turns the spotlight onto violence, with a brand new, self-produced album Painkiller: the ultimate music for psychopathic states of mind.   Painkiller is the darkest Zerocrop album to date. The ten-track album opens with the full length version of "Die Screaming", released as a seven inch single in January 2008, and available as a limited edition free from the website "Die Screaming" is a spirited and vehement anti-war-crimes pop song bringing together a host of screamacious performers alongside the trademark Zerocrop sounds that fill this album; disturbing drones, backwards guitars, pedal steel and cello, mashed up drums and layer upon layer of lush vocal melodies.  

Album highlights include the hauntingly beautiful ballad on the controversial tiopic of self-harm, "Razors", and the brooding drum and guitar-driven epic of London's night-time, "Scum", both tracks featuring contributions from leading UK pedal steel player Steve Honest (Kathryn Williams, Richard Ashcroft, Culture Club).  The familiar Zerocrop spoken word contributions are also present; an eerie Spanish voiceover, from Venezuelan artist Oscar Henriquez, punctuates the Guantanamo Bay-inspired "Inside The Prison", and a murderous telephone voice barks an awful warning across the apocalytpic closing track "Evil".  

Zerocrop's last album was Fucked, released via in late 2004, an eight song narcotic adventure, mixing lyrics, melodies, recorded conversations and chatline messages, with tortured vinyl and treated guitars.  A rare live performance of Fucked was given at the renowned club Berghain, Berlin in 2005.  Zerocrop has remixed and written songs for and performed with the incomparable Billie Ray Martin and recently composed music for award-winning milliner Justin Smith, whose MA Collection was shown at the Royal College of Art in May 2007.  Zerocrop’s first CD 'Ain’t No W*nker' combined beats, guitars, and vocals with chatline messages and a full length multimedia exploration of Zerocrop’s chatroom conversations, and stylized Zerocropped images of the people to whom he spoke. 

Zerocrop is a self-funded, self-produced artist, retailing from his own website and webshop and selected independent retailers.  Following the release of Ain’t No W*nker in 2000, Zerocrop’s website, graphic style and music have been widely admired and occasionally impersonated.  He is published by Touch Music (  Zerocrop recently showcased some new material as part of Touch25, celebrating 25 years since the first Touch release and is expected to perform more live shows later in 2008 in support of the release of Painkiller. 


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Zerocrop - Painkiller

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Track 7:  Scum

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