Pinkcourtesyphone - A Ravishment of Mirror

CD - 49:00 - Edition of 500

Los Angeles, a city of mirrors, twinkling lights, noir history, and deep secrets is the new home for Pinkcourtesyphone. This third full album explores Hollywood dreams and deception… meant to be slowly sipped. We all pretend but in Hollywood pretending is its dark sustenance… a plastic organic unity ready to enfold and repackage you.

Track Listing
1. Why Pretend / The Desire of Absence / Faulty Connections
2. Pixels... Sometimes... Broke Your Heart (for A.)
3. Falling Star (for P. Entwistle)
4. 62,000 Valentines (for T. Hunter)

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Pinkcourtesyphone - A Ravishment of Mirror

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