Mark Van Hoen - Artefacts l

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1. Artefacts l

Electronic music composer Mark Van Hoen’s first release for Touchline is the first in a series of video works which examines the inner beauty of artifacts - or side effects - in the process of making electronic music & video. This concept is of course not new, even Van Hoen himself has been exploring the idea of imperfection in electronic sound since the early 80’s after having been influenced by the audio and video of Cabaret Voltaire and others. ‘Artifacts I’ essentially started from a live performance for a Touch event at Re:Sound in Vallejo, California. The audio was mixed from a collection of recordings prepared at his studio for the live performance, and was generated by a combination of analog sound generation & processing equipment and DSP processing in Native Instruments ‘Reaktor’ software. The resulting soundtrack was then connected to audio inputs in Vidvox’s ‘VDMX’ modular video software, and then used to modulate colours, space and interference patterns on a ‘found’ video clip downloaded from the internet.

The video was then output to an analog video processor, where further modulations derived from the audio were implemented. The result is a video & soundtrack that are tied firmly together, not by editing but by modulations that show visually the very essence of the artifacts within the audio itself. It is recommended that the video be given full attention, and that the audio is either played back by high quality headphones or a suitable full frequency range audio system with the left and right speakers placed either side of a TV/Monitor capable of 16:9 playback.

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Mark Van Hoen - Artefacts l

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