Marcus Davidson - The Passing

Marcus Davidson - The Passing
Spire 5
2 tracks - FLAC Audio download - 18:31

Track listing and notes:

1. The Passing 9:14

Recorded at St. Stephan's Church, Mautern, Austria as part of Spire live at The Kontraste Festival, Krems, 11th October 2013.

Marcus Davidson - Organ & Electronics

EVP samples by Raymond Cass from "The Ghost Orchid - An Introduction to EVP" [PARC CD1]
NASA recording of the winds of Saturn from The Voyager Spacecraft
Natural VLF Radio Phenomena of the Magnetosphere and space weather recording by S.P. McGreevy

With thanks to Charles Matthews

2. Sacred Space 9:17

Recorded at PassionsKirche, Berlin, Germany as part of CTM12 Festival, 5th February 2012

Marcus Davidson - Electronics
Charles Matthews - Organ

Part one: Notations from the NASA recordings of the Rings of Uranus
Part two: The Sun dawning over the dark rings of Uranus

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Marcus Davidson - The Passing

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